The Three Laws of Business

No freebies. No backsies. GTFO.

The Laws

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The people who try to break these laws all follow the same story. These people generally have a half baked business plan and no idea how to implement it. They then shop around for the cheapest possible person who is happy to call themselves an expert. They are noobs, and they hire more noobs. After burning through most of their budget and with no end in sight they start to worry. Worry turns to desperation; and there can be no excuses – the project must be saved!

Then they turn to us, the Pros. It is our job to hold their hand through the sunset of their business. It is our advice that they choose to ignore while we drain the remaining life out of their budget. We are like the grim reapers, our invoices the scythe culling those weak in skills. They will lose their money to someone, and it may as well be us.

These are the Three Laws of Business. Noobs attempting to break these cause much fail. Fail causes noobs to attempt to break these harder. Its a vicious cycle, with you at the center. Ride it and profit!

1. No Freebies

There will be offers from those who can’t afford your services. They will all be ways of offloading their risk onto you. If your bank won’t lend you the money to pay my bill, then why the fuck do you think we will?

You get paid.

2. No Backsies

They always want to change the agreement. They’ll try to reduce your rate, try to get on the same pathetic contract as their regular staff, extend your hours, cut your lunch break and benefits. Its playground shit, and the title reflects it. Want to change the deal? Get back to the negotiating table.


Our skills are always in high demand. We are not like your permanent staff who will suck up your transgressions with slight whining. Try us, we’ll be at a new contract within 48 hours.

You can always give the finger.


Written by 3laws

November 13, 2008 at 10:18 am

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  1. […] at “everything that ever uses this code”. Applause for the attempted strong application of Rule #1, but a swift kick to the nuts for not noticing that the market is prepared to give you either fifty […]

  2. [snip]…is the beauty and value of open source, thousands of packages produced by thousands of developers in many organisations…[snip]

    3laws edit: Take your long ass fanboyism to some place that cares.


    November 26, 2009 at 3:00 am

  3. You care, you have a lot to say about stallman et al. The short version: Inexpensive OS doesn’t matter anymore, Linux and OS software save loads of my time through package management and security, and time is money.

    You are right about about the industry wanting to give you a fifty or the finger so quote for the paid supported version (Red Hat, Zimbra, Zmanda, etc) and they will happily use open source be quite happy.


    December 2, 2009 at 12:55 pm

  4. […] de parcourir les 3 lois du business, y’a un petit préambule. L’auteur entend ces 3 lois comme 3 lois qui s’appliquent aux vrais […]

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