The Three Laws of Business

No freebies. No backsies. GTFO.

Summer of Freetards

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Hippies started off in the 1960s, peaked in popularity seven years later as millions of unwashed penniless hippies descending on San Francisco hoping to change the world with the Summer of Love. They failed, and finally in the late 70s people ceased to give a fuck, and the hippie movement became irrelevant.

Coincidently, Stallman started off the whole GPL freetard movement in 1989. Seven years later saw millions of unwashed penniless developers descend on Silicon Valley, hoping to change the world. They failed, the bubble burst, and now as we hit the late 2000’s the open source fanboy movement is on its way to becoming another bunch of crazies who sit around freeloading and refusing to shower.

Arrogant Primitives

The GPL is based on the laughable premise that your shitty scratching in vi is valued at “everything that ever uses this code”. Applause for the attempted strong application of Rule #1, but a swift kick to the nuts for not noticing that the market is prepared to give you either fifty bucks or the finger. Your pick.

Regardless, we abandoned your shitty barter systems when currency was invented four-fucking-thousand years ago. Not much later we came up with this thing called a “corporation” which can take in currency from interested parties, and output useful things (like complex software) in a more efficient manner than a bunch of loosely connected loonies. It can do this by hiring experts (instead of say murderers), which no single interested party could afford.

Move those jelly rolls Stallman!

The fail-train has left the station and is heading off into the sunset. You can probably catch up if you want to get aboard tubby. Back here in the real world we need money to buy things, and even if Ubuntu “Fellating Faggot” is twice as good as Vista, that values it at around twenty bucks – less than ten minutes of my time.

I guess I could give that back to the community in advice by banging out a short blog post of something. Oh wait… I see what I did there.


Written by 3laws

November 26, 2008 at 2:57 am

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